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Eagle Freelance specialise in finding new and better solutions
in website design and development using the newest
available technology provided by Microsoft.

.NET technology alow us to build faster and more efficient
websites with better security and performance. My websites
are developed using the newest available .NET Framework.
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About Eagle Freelance's Website Development

Website Design

Intelligent Web Development

Web Development is the most important part of the design-development process. It turns a design into a HTML and CSS site, which then becomes accessible for visitors. It requires fine skills and experience to give your website functionality that meets up to date standards.

Eagle Freelance offer intelligent solutions in web development in order to provide businesses only the best comprehensive services to promote your brand, services, product or message across the world.

Website Design

Website Programming / Coding

  • Accessible in a variety of browsers
    • One of the most important rule in web development is cross-browser compatibility. Very often I come across web sites that are not developed / coded properly. Viewing the same site in 2 different browsers in 90% cases give you 2 completely different results.
  • Checked with HTML validator
    • Web standards bring many benefits. Web pages are reduced in size, making your web site faster for visitors. It also make sites more accessible - cross-browser compatibility. Importantly web sites developed with web standards in mind will always be accessible for everyone whatever path the Web takes next.
  • Developed with search engine optimization in mind.
    • HTML validation is just a small part of web development process. Links on your pages, navigation menu, header tags and more, if developed in a smart way, will help get your site to the top in search engines.
Website Design

Website Navigation Menu / Internal Links

To encourage visitors to browse through your website you need an easy to use navigation menu. Lack of consistency in the menu will only confuse the visitor and discourage him to explore the rest of your site.

Website Design

Website Site Map

Site map lists all pages on your website organized in hierarchical fashion. Is not only to help visitors to find pages on your website but it also help search engines to find all the links on your site. All my websites come with a Site map. It's created in the last stage of the web development process.

Website Design

Website Deployment / Testing

Each website is developed on a development server before it goes live. It's to ensure that the website has been developed properly: check navigation menu, internal links, test in variety of browsers, content, graphics. Basically all to make sure that it works and looks as it should. It also keeps you well informed about the progress as you will have an access to the development server all the time.

After I make sure everything work correctly and with your approval I will launch the website. This final step will make your site accessible for everyone.

Website Design

Website Maintenance / Updating

When your website is launched you will have to update your website regularly. Not only for your visitors to provide up to date information about your company or services, but also to keep the search engines visiting your website regularly.